Our Advantage

  • Added workforce efficiencies
  • Web-based service means no software installation
  • Customizable solutions, so we can build what you need
  • File activity transparency provides full view of file status by lender and its suppliers
  • Expertise for sharing of industry and IT best practices
  • NRS is an industry-leading platform developed on state-of-the-art technology with no need to upgrade or be concerned with “no longer supported”
NRS improves the servicer’s capabilities to drive efficiencies and lower costs, while ensuring oversight and proper controls are in place throughout the process.
Tom McCormick, President of NRS

Why choose NRS?

  • Better internal oversight and control
  • Automated workflows to expedite the reinstatement or liquidation process
  • Direct link to NAS appraisal management platform
  • Detailed reporting and audit functionality
  • Full Collaboration for all suppliers (law firms, property managers, realtors, collection agency, lenders) and they have access (limited or full view) to active files

Benefits of NRS

img for performance management
Performance management
  • Consistency in execution
  • Control and management of suppliers
  • All assigned tasks have a validation built-in
  • Work flow ensures action on assigned tasks
  • Analytics allows for precise risk assessment and better decision making
icon for expense management
expense management
  • Minimizes the time allocated per file
  • Maximizes the current resources / FTE
  • Allows for increased productivity to close a greater number of files with the same FTE count
  • Reduces the number of errors and mistakes for cost savings
icon for asset management
asset management
  • Maximizing the recovery of dollars from the asset while minimizing incremental costs
  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • An expedited process allows for increased opportunities for reinstatement
  • Increase the likelihood of customers remaining in homes