About Us

Nationwide Recovery Services NRS is a default management platform that digitizes the recovery process and brings efficiency, control, and transparency to both internal and external collections efforts. Using automated workflow management, NRS allows lenders and mortgage insurers to monitor and benchmark the productivity of internal staff and the third-parties involved in the recovery process, and easily collaborate with staff and suppliers leading to faster turnaround times and greater efficiency. Headquartered in Canada and operating across the country, NRS is also available in 17 countries across the Caribbean and Latin America.
NRS is an integral part of The Nationwide Group of Companies (TNG). TNG began in the appraisal industry, through the creation and growth of Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS) – a best-in-class, industry leader in real estate valuation services and appraisal management technology. For over twenty years, TNG has been a pioneer of outsourced financial services software and has expanded into an array of relevant industry verticals across Canada and internationally.
TNG focuses exclusively on building and providing comprehensive and customizable solutions to the real estate and mortgage industries. TNG helps financial institutions and the broader lending community manage and mitigate their exposure to inherent business and financial risks. Across our divisions, there are strong commonalities at our core: a forward-thinking management team, significant market share, a pursuit for excellence in everything we do and a commitment to exemplary service to our clients.

Executive Team
Une photo de Tom McCormick
Tom McCormick
Founder & CEO
Une photo de Rodrigo Pinto
Rodrigo Pinto, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Une photo de Eric Kayigamba
Éric-Vincent Kayigamba
Executive Vice President, International Sales
Ainsley Major
Vice President, Operations
Matt Angus, LL.B. / J.D.
General Counsel
Colleen Colman
Vice President, Human Resources
Hermina Birtocean
Vice President, Finance
Senior Management Team
Nick Tsotsos
Director, Operations
Ella Chan
Director, Data Analytics and Onboarding
Katie Villalta
Director, Marketing and Projects
Sales Team
Robert Ip
Vice President of Sales
Elsa Carter
Senior Executive Account Manager
Deb Seeler
Senior Executive Account Manager
Patrick Ardies
Regional Vice President, Western Canada
Kate Townshend
Executive Account Manager
Elizabeth Cantave
Regional Account Manager
Rudy Naraine
Senior Executive National Manager, Broker Services
Ryan Poyntz
Vice President of Sales, Strategic Partnerships