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NRS is a default management platform that digitizes the recovery process and brings efficiency, control and transparency to both internal and external collections efforts in Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America. Using automated workflow management, NRS allows lenders to monitor and benchmark the productivity of internal staff and the third-parties involved in the collections process, and easily collaborate with staff and suppliers, expediting the recovery process.
NRS is based on a robust workflow management system that enables effective communication between lenders and their legal, real estate, property management, and appraisal professionals. NRS ensures the most effective use of resources to complete the recovery process.
Detailed risk reporting letting recovery specialists and managers focus on reinstatement and analytical process management for legal actions.
All metrics related to tasks performed are now reportable including time frames for completion, associated costs and performance.
Process automation allowing recovery specialists focus on key tasks prompted by workflow system.
Mortgage & loan default management
Fully automated & customizable
Built–in "checks & balances"
Work – Flow / Process management
Detailed event log tracking all completed activities